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Wood In Di Fire

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The new album: OFF THE HOOK

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Band bio

In spring 2000, a couple of musicians from various Berlin bands had enough of practising their band's programs and clearly defined style all the time. They met in a much to small rehearsal room in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg with just one aim: just play and indulge in the reggae groove. Their musical backgrounds: Mother’s Pride (Ska), Luniq (Trip Hop), Ska-T (Ska-Punk-Ragga), The Special Guests feat. Willie Ocean (Ska), Sonidos Unidos (Latin/Calypso?), JazzBo (60ies Ska-Jazz), La Foot Creole (New Orleans-Jazz).
Later that year, Wood In Di Fire started to play public sessions at Berlin Schokoladen club. They were often joined by friends from other bands - or people who just dropped by with their instruments. The band still plays those sessions every month. Today it's an institution of the Berlin Reggae scene.
Not only the music is improvised: In summer 2001 Wood In Di Fire produced a first demo. With a few hundred CD-ROM copies the crew started on a spontaneous tour through France and Spain. The demo album "Harvest In The East" probably still serves to bring back the holiday memories of some enthusiastic tourists, who witnessed the chaotic concerts - on the beach promenade or in the small sports pub in Nizza, somewhere on a camping ground or in that squat in Paris...
Wood In Di Fire started playing more and more "regular" concerts, among them concerts with The Slackers or at the "Dub Club" party at Flex club in Vienna.
In May 2003 the band released a vinyl single: "Jah War" (RecSin) is a cover version of a song by the legendary british punk band Ruts from 1979. The B-side of the single contains a dub version by Rod Gonzales (Die Ärzte).
The first regular album ¿Que Pasa? was released in August 2003. The basic tracks were recorded live in a barn in the countrysinde somewhere north of Berlin. It found a distributer in France (Mosaic). Wood In Di Fire returned to France, touring there twice in February and August 2004.
In 2005 they released their second album "Off The Hook" which got enthusiastic resonance from german music press, especially for the well done reggae interpretation of jazz songs by Joe Henderson, Wes Montgomery, Dizzy Gillespie and others. Remarkable is also the lovely sung version of 'Nice And Easy', done by Susann Vegas' velvet voice.
"Noon On The Moon" once again was recorded at that barn in the country of Uckermark, north of Berlin. For the first time all songs of the record are written by the band. The reggae style is interpretated freely on this album and mixed up with some african and jazzy beats, still stressing the base line as the main reggae heritage.

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Line up

Florian Stauch – Trombone
Daniel Sauerborn – Alto Sax
Nick Behr – Tenor Sax
Benjamin Wendt – Guitar
Christoph Becker – Guitar
Benjamin Käfer - Keys
Martin Bartels – Double Bass
Lukas Leonhardt – Drums
Erik Wisniewski – Percussion
Longfingah – Vocals
Susan Pawlak – Vocals
Ann Kristin Beelitz – Vocals

The (guest-) musicians play / played in other well known Berlin bands: e.g. The Special Guests (Ska), Mother's Pride (Ska, Reggae), Ska-T (Reggae, Ragga), Jazzbo (Jamaican Jazz), La Foot Creole (New Orleans Jazz), Thursday's Rhythm & Beat Organization (60ies Beat, Soul)

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Noon On The Moon
CD (2008), 13 Tracks 58min
>>> album info, mp3 and Tracklist

Off The Hook
CD (2005) - 16 Tracks, 77min
Feat. Longfingah, Ann & Susan Vegas (vocals)
>>> album info, MP3s and tracklist

¿Que Pasa?
CD (2003) - 12 Tracks, 70min
Feat. Hagen aka Longfingah, Susan & Mr. Tom (vocals) and Anja (flute)
>>> album info, MP3s and tracklist

Vinyl 7" - Dizzy Hornet Records (2003)
Feat.  Hagen aka Longfingah (vocals)

Harvest In The East
5-Track Demo CD
(2001) 60min

Feat. Susan (vocals) and
Anja (flute/vocals)

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Band photo

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Tour Dates

13.05.2011 Berlin, Schokoladen
10.06.2011 Berlin, Schokoladen
17.07.2011 Berlin, Schokoladen Hoffest

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