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Interview: Vic Ruggiero

The Slackers' singer about the new album "Self Medication"

The Slackers have recorded 14 or 15 albums since the early 90ies. In two words: What makes "Self Medication" different?

"In two words: happy band! Some of us have even listened to the album at home - for fun..."
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What was wrong with the older records?

"With Close My Eyes: Some thought that I was too involved. The Question was unfinished. Wasted Days – everybody was just completely confused at that time..."
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So what was different this time?

"It's made completely digital... Jay recorded his guitars at home and made up things I'd never have though of. I worked with the horns in my living room..."
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How come you put in all those 60ies-elements?

"We've always wanted to be a psychedelic-influenced band! Ever since we went on tour with The Question and listenend to all those Beatles-records on the bus. After that, we were not the same..."
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What's the story behind "Everyday is sunday"?

"Marcus (who wrote the song) hung around in New York at that time and thought: What the hell is going on? Summer is here and we're not playing... he's a very goal-oriented guy..."
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Some years ago you were "preaching" on stage, about the „Church of Slack“. Has  "Everyday is sunday" something to do with that "church"?

"The Church of Slack was all about feeling good about yourself. Not trying to define yourself by the normal routine. Everyday is sunday is the other side of it: Sometimes you want to be just like everybody else..."
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The last record "Peculiar" featured some explicitly political songs. Now it seems likle you've returned to more personal stories...

"Everybody is talking about politics now. When we made that record, nobody was doing political songs in the US! We though - hey man, somebody has got to do that! You're right, the new record is a lot more personal. But there are lines on it..."
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